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FIX Technician is a comprehensive test environment ideal for any FIX user - exchanges, sell-side or buy-side; developer or QA. Use it to validate and test your own FIX service offering. Or, connect to any FIX counterparty and use it to explore their API.

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Firms getting value from Lasalletech's FIX products

Deploy trading systems confidently

Stay confident that your trading system meets performance requirements while also validating functionality.

Generate test reports

Generate test reports to maintain historical records of test completion and to easily provide hard copies of test results.

Simulate counterparty behavior

Create scenarios for specific behaviors as well as unique tests, using the simple yet powerful visual test case editor.

Reproduce trading errors

Replicate and diagnose issues and errors that happen in production for testing with clients.

Immediate feedback to developers

Run automated regression test suites every time developers change trading systems.

Bullet proof your trading system

Ensure your trading system is running as smooth as possible and capture performance metrics of your engine response times.

Check values from multiple connections

Simultaneously check how multiple connections are working on your system.

Decrease time spent in testing

Spend less time testing by automating the running of your own test cases.

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