Analyze FIX Log Files

FIX Detective is a next generation FIX monitoring solution whose powerful analysis and searching tools give users unprecedented ability to analyze their FIX traffic. Real-time monitoring and alerting greatly simplifies detecting and diagnosing issues. Using FIX Detective's log analysis features, users can analyze historical logs to generate trading reports. Client connectivity teams can monitor the health of client sessions and quickly control session to keep counterparties trading.

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Firms getting value from Lasalletech's FIX products

Monitor real-time trading activity

Dive into the technical details of a FIX connection and view high business level communication.

Analyze multi-gigabyte historical logs

Go through gigabytes of historical logs to uncover trading history and drill into details.

Diagnose client trading errors

Locate potential errors using advanced message validation to ensure issues are found and resolved early.

Visualize trading system health

Track latency, alerts, and connection state of all counterparties on one screen. Visualize latency, events, and throughput using interactive real-time charts.

Communicate issues to counterparties

Collaborate with counterparties on issue resolution by generating detailed e-mails.

Receive notifications about issues

Setup alerts and rules that automatically detect errors so your team can address them early on.

Manage multiple FIX engines and connections

Follow message flow through multiple connections to determine the source of issues.

Non-intrusive monitoring

Give your trading system a speed boost by turning off message logging and capturing messages in parallel.

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