Lasalletech provides products for documenting, testing, certifying, and monitoring FIX interfaces.

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BM&FBOVESPA Reinvents the Client Experience

Brazilian exchange BM&FBOVESPA enhanced the user experience while lowering operational costs by automating its certification processes with FIX Conductor.

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Infographic: Continuous Testing

Free Resource: Continuous Testing Infographic Every manager or engineer responsible for a trading system knows that they could use a more robust testing procedure. Current tests are outdated. TheyR

Trading System Failures Cannot Be Our Norm

Testing.  Everybody responsible for trading systems knows they need to do more of it.  Few have the time to do it right.  Fewer have the resources to commit to it.  The electronic trading industry

The modern CIO must focus more on value than risk

A conversation with a former colleague and friend on market data conflation morphed into a blog post on the value and risks of information technology. I thought it was worth sharing as it provides som

Thoughts on the 60 Minutes segment on HFT with Michael Lewis

On Sunday, 60 Minutes featured a segment on high frequency trading featuring Michael Lewis, who is publicizing his controversial new book “Flash Boys“. The issue of HFT is not so simple.

Operational Alpha

About 10 years ago I joined a firm that was able to deliver FIX connectivity to just about any destination – a feature that put us ahead of the game at the time. This firm’s ability to identif

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